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Replacing the lamp

Replacing the lamp

Carefully consult the manul in order to get specific instructions that are relevant to the specific brands and models that they have. However, there are a few guidelines that should apply to most projector brands.

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About our projectorlamps

We offer up to four different options for most digital projectors when it is time to replace projector lamps. Our broad range includes 5,000 various models of replacement lamps. We offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) lamps as well as compatible, top quality alternatives. We constantly update our selection in order to ensure the best quality while also offering competitive prices and fast delivery.


Original Projector Module

Lamp and housing from the original manufacturer inside the original box. Highest quality.

Original Inside Projector Module

Original bulb by Osram,Philips,Ushio or Phoenix inside an identical copy of the original housing. Quality and lifetime equivalent to the OEM Original Module. This alternative saves you money and still offers the highest quality.

Generic Projector Module

Compatible projectorlamp of high quality inside an identical copy of the housing. The generic alternative reach approximately 85% of the original projectorlamp´s estimated lifetime. The perfect option for older projectors.

Original bare bulb

Original bare projectorbulb from Osram, Philips, Ushio or Phoenix. The bulb needs to be carefully installed into the existing housing.



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